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Tally Ho! Productions is a Cape Town-based production company. At Tally Ho! Productions we believe in collaboration and inclusion, we believe in bringing together talented individuals to create art that will last and speak to our unique South African audience.

We work to present a diverse portfolio of work that draws from the kaleidoscope of South African cultural streams, without compromising on the individual artistic integrity of each show. By having a varied portfolio we aim to build a new audience that shares and celebrates our values of inclusion and appreciation of all South Africans.
We believe in narrative and storytelling. The purpose of theatre lies in its power to shift perspectives, grow empathy and inspire us all to live to a higher more compassionate standard. To this end, we ensure that our productions are a holistic experience of the highest quality. 

We tell our stories from the moment the audience member arrives in the theatre foyer to when they leave the auditorium, whether it is musical theatre, intimate drama, music concert, or a celebration of song and dance.

Our Next

“She is blessed with many colours,
she is richer than a culture, she is a melting pot of spice.”

Tally Ho! Productions presents Shades of Africa in Concert. This musical celebration features the exciting new duo, Shades of Africa accompanied by the mighty Stellenbosch City Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Paul Loeb van Zuilenburg.

“Unforgettable songs, old and new, performed with Mzansi flair.”

Award-winning pianist and vocalist Christof van Der Berg and Nhoza Sitsholwana of Black South Easter fame, perform their own originals and rearrangements of traditional Xhosa, Sesotho and Afrikaans folk songs. Their set is rounded-off with some timeless classics such
as John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ and Tony Renis’s ‘Quando, Quando, Quando’, performed with a distinctly African flair. These phenomenal performers sing their unique duets in a mixture of isiXhosa, Sesotho, English and Afrikaans whilst being accompanied by a 40-piece orchestra with original orchestrations by Jaco Griessel.

“Reach for the rainbow in her sky.”

Come join us for a magical evening of rhythm and soul, an explosion of colour, a celebration of our collective identity as a nation in its multi-faceted individuality, using music, and the spoken word.

  • TheComposer Christof van der Berg & Jaco Griessel
  • TheComposer Jaco Griessel
  • TheComposer Paul Loeb van Zuilenburg
  • TheComposer Christof van der Berg & Nhoza Sitsholwana
  • TheComposer 90min


“A masterpiece of modern musical theatre.”

Winner of a Drama Desk Award and named one of TIME Magazine’s 10 best shows of 2001, Jason Robert Brown’s The Last Five Years has captivated audiences with a score of mesmerising brilliance and an ingenious libretto. It has been successfully revived Off-Broadway, first in 2002 and again in 2013. An acclaimed film adaption starring Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan in 2014 and numerous international productions, established the musical’s place as a masterpiece of modern musical theatre.

“All I could do was love you . . . and let you go.”

A funny and bittersweet musical, The Last Five Years is an intimate window into the relationship between Cathy Hiatt, a struggling actress, and Jamie Wellerstein, a budding novelist on the brink of success. This well-known story of two people meeting at the wrong time in their lives is told in a fresh and new manner. Cathy tells her story backwards from the dissolution of their relationship to first meeting, whilst Jamie tells his story chronologically; they meet only once, in the middle, at their wedding.

“Featuring incredible local talent.”

This local production of The Last Five Years will be on in the intimate 172-seater Golden Arrow Studio at the Baxter Theatre Centre from 19 March 2020 – 4 April 2020, the perfect venue for this honest and heartfelt musical. At the helm of the creative team is award-winning director Paul Griffiths with musical direction by Jaco Griessel. Featured in the coveted role of Jamie is Fleur Du Cape nominee David Ralph Viviers in his musical debut. Making her professional debut as Cathy is Fleur Du Cape nominee Zoë McLaughlin. To fully realise Jason Robert Brown’s vision, the cast will be accompanied on stage by an ensemble of six musicians.

  • TheComposer Jason Robert Brown
  • TheComposer Paul Griffiths
  • TheComposer Jaco Griessel 
  • TheComposer David Ralph Viviers & Zoë McLaughlin
  • TheComposer 90min

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